The CrushGrind® mill is indispensable. Once you have tried the CrushGrind®, you cannot do without it!

Every house in the world has a mill that does not work properly. This is what led to the design of the CrushGrind® mechanism. The unique Crush Grind® mechanism is a ceramic, high-quality grinding mill, which can grind not only salt and pepper, but spices too. You can adjust the degree of coarseness or fineness, and it is easy to refill.

CrushGrind® is like no other mill. Its unique mechanism makes it possible to grind just about anything!
Enjoy the exceptionally beautiful aroma and taste of freshly ground dried herbs and spices.

From mid-January 2016, Bovictus will be Scandinavia’s exclusive distributor of CrushGrind® mills.
These attractive, high-quality CrushGrind® mills come in a rich variety of different materials, colours and sizes.

GrushGrind h-2016/berlin-acrylic.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/berlin.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/chicargo-oak.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/kala-black-december-2015.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/kala-ss-spices.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/new-york-december-2015.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/new-york-mini.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/paris.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/rome.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/stockholm-december-2015.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/stockholm-no-spill-feature-open.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/torino-december-15.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/torino-white.jpg
GrushGrind h-2016/torino.jpg