Great product – best price

Based on its Scandinavian roots, Galzone comprises a wide range of products for “Bath and Kitchen”

Galzone - Kitchen
Galzone has a broad range of kitchen products but is best known for its “super white” porcelain, which besides being smooth and glossy is also strong and durable. Their classic range of “Kitchen” products is a wonderful mix of products which combine the latest trends with Scandanavian style. By using current materials such as slate and bamboo, Galzone kitchen stands out as modern and functional.

Galzone - Bath
Galzone "Bath" is a wide and colourful range of bathroom accessories; pedal bins, soap dispensers, shower curtains, towels, bath mats etc., products in beautiful colours which follow current trends.

An extensive range that makes it possible to give your bathroom a complete 'makeover' for a very reasonable price. The range is flavoured with "Limited Edition" products, to emphasize a dynamic range.

In 2015 Galzone are launching a new range of bowls and colanders made from a bamboo fibre material which is harvested from carefully selected, uncontaminated areas of raw bamboo, it is therefore a natural and very eco-friendly product.

Our target is to produce quality consumer products which are “superior value for money”; and our requirement is that every Galzone product must be able to withstand daily use for many years.
This is precisely the reason why the demand for Galzone is increasing in the professional market both at home and abroad.