Established in 1995 with a global ambition, Zone has grown as a well-known and reliable Danish Design brand available across the globe!

We have since 2015 undergone a total revitalization to meet the urban lifestyle of modern living. This renewal of our design approach
and brand values combined with crisp new and well known talented Danish designers, has brought us even further.

Our future holds new, indispensable must-haves for both kitchen and bathroom.
To us, objects should be multifunctional and combinable in a minimalistic Scandinavian design enriching people´s lives.

In 2016 we have launched the PEILI range. PEILI is a reinterpretation of the bowl and the dish, investing them with a fresh, aesthetic and modern look. 3-in-1: cooking, serving and storing. PEILI is the work of Danish design trio VE2, who set out to create the ideal context for food – particularly when it comes to enjoying it. The combination of countless colours and sizes provides an abundance of options.

PEILI have already won three design awards; Formland News 2016, Les Découtvertes Maison & Objet, Paris and Red Dot Design Award 2016.

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